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Sunday, July 27, 2003:

Ultimates and Ultimate Spider-Man

Read the first six issues of the Ultimates and didn't particularly care for it.

The characters are just too unappealing.

Fury's a Samuel L Jackson copy without the personality, Betty Ross is an awful woman, Hank Pym a wife-beater and this version of Bruce Banner/The Hulk is about the worst I've ever read.

Tony Stark's got four type's of comments:

1) I need a drink

2) I'm extremely rich and talented

3) I like the ladies

4) Jarvis, stop being such a homo!

Another thing I dislike is the unnecessar name-dropping and featuring of non-entities like Freddie Prinze Jnr and Shannon Elizabeth. WTF? What have these non-entities done to deserve being in a comic book?

That being said the characters of Thor and Captain America are pretty interesting and I really liked the first issue.

Art's pretty but given how long it takes Hitch to draw an issue, that isn't surprising.

I also read about five trade paperbacks worth of Starman by James Robinson which blows away anything I saw done by Millar.

I've read a whole bunch of Ultimate Spider-Man and have to say I like it.

Definitely the best bunch of Spider-Man stories I've read with great dialogue and characterisation.

Best issue would be issue #21 where Spidey takes on Kraven, makes himself very popular and rounds it off by getting grounded.

Major complaint about the series is how slowly it moves. One issue had Perter Parker and MJ in a room talking for the entirety of it and throughout the first five issues I kept thinking "Lee and Ditko virtually told the same story in one 22 page issue and it's taking Bendis over 110 to do the same."

Still it's probably the best Marvel series out there and Bendis' Nick Fury is a lot better than Millar's.

Ali Choudhury // 9:33 PM



Saw the movie on DVD a couple of days ago.

Didn't like it. It just failed to hold my attention and every time I looked up to see what was going on some shite nu-metal blared out to accompany the scene.

Couldn't they get a decent composer to write a proper orchestral score? Seriously the only Marvel movie with a score worth a damn has been X2.

I don't really have any complaints about the casting (although Garner was the wrong choice to play Elektra - too American) or the effects or the direction.

But the script and dialogue seemed tired and cliched like a number of worshipful fanboys had written it. Bullseys's and Daredevil's first fight was allright, the rest unexceptional.

And if they really were going to use Miller's stories as an inspiration they should have gone for using much more blood and violence a la Born Again instead of a movie which was essentilly Batman Lite.

The rental wasn't a total loss though since there was an excellent documentary with interviews by Lee, the Romitas, Miller, Quesada, Bndis etc. that was well worth viewing.

Could have done without Smith bitching about adverse fanboy reaction and they could have dumped Kevin Mack in favour of Klaus Janson.

Ali Choudhury // 9:29 PM


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