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Monday, June 23, 2003:

Die Another Day

Just saw this movie ...and it really, really sucked. Same old repetitive Bond crap.

They tried so hard to show Bond was up-to-date and contemporary by borrowing bits from the Matrix and John Woo and even *gasp* using some fairly popular songs during a number of scenes.

And while the action was really well done it felt like watching someone else play a video game for the most part. The characters all sucked especially Halle Berry who was playing an action figure here.

I suppose my major problem with the movie is I think Bond's a boring arsehole. I'm tired of the crap one-liners, stupid sexual innuendo and zero character progression.

Frankly I liked Triple X a lot more. There you had a main hero who went from being somewaht of a nihilistic jerk to a guy who actually found something worth fighting for. Having a female lead in that who did more than just shoot people and fuck the star didn't hurt either.

I've also rented the first Superman movie and despite the somewhat crap third act was far more compelled to watch that again than wade through all of DAD.

Ali Choudhury // 6:17 PM


TPB reviews

Superman: Peace on Earth

I glanced at this in a comic book store a week ago and was immediatelyhooked. Best Superman story I've ever read and it isn't hard to see how influential this was on Smallville in terms of depicting Clark Kent as a person with feelings we can all relate to. Sale showed his versatility and attention to detail with his illustrations of Metropolis and Smallville and his Superman showed both immense power and surprising grace - although I thought the neck was a little too thick. About the only flaw in the story is the pretty contrived way Luthor tries to get Superman to lose faith. Highly recommended. Would have preferred more extras in the softcover trade since it didn't even have a foreword.

Batman: The Long Halloween

Disappointing. Maybe my hopes were raised too high by both Peace on Earth and the Haunted Knight trade but I found this pretty lacking. Sale's depiction of Batman shows off the character's immense size and fluid power (great costume too although I think Batman is best served without the trunks on the outside) and his Catwoman looked good too.

However too many of the issues felt like fillers and I think the series would have worked better if it was four to six issues long instead. Poison Ivy's role was a nice touch but Scarecrow and Mad Hatter seemed superfluous and Joker really didn't need two issues. Apart from the first and last chapters, the only one which impressed me was the Mother's Day issue. More foucs on Dent's character and his changes would have been appreciated too since the reasons behind his transition weren't particularly apparent.

JLA: Rock of Ages

I know some people have criticised Morrison's intertwining of both the Darkseid and Injustice Gang stories but I liked the structure which showed ambition, did something new and wasn't overly confusing. A great reminder of why I first started reading JLA (because each issue was like a $300 million movie and each arc featured intricate, intelligent plotting with pretty decent characterisation) and I'll be buying the rest of Morrison's run in trade format. The only nit-picks I have with the story line relate to the Darkseid issues. Firstly I doubt Superman would have killed himself because he broke his no-killing vow if Darkseid was in the midst of invading Earth. Secondly Orion rebooting the universe made the entire fight with Darkseid and all the sacrifices made pretty redundant. Recommended.

JLA: Earth 2

Quietly's art pissed me off. You'd think a professional artist would be able to draw human figures which looked a little less like cheap rubber mould action figures. The story was pretty good and the "I'm going to put a wall around Gotham and anyone who doesn't like it gets a bullet in a face!" line is worth the cover price alone. I'd like a revisit to this universe though and it'd be nice to see Earth-3 versions of Joker (maybe a hyper-rational cop?) and Doomsday (hippie vegetarian and pacifist!)

Ali Choudhury // 6:02 PM


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