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Thursday, March 27, 2003:

Why I watch pro wrestling

I watch it mainly because a good wrestling match is one of the most exciting and entertaining athletic displays around.

I can't think of any other sport which gets the crowd so pumped up.

I don't really care about the soap opera aspects of it since most of it is pretty shite and quite hackneyed.

I also like the wrestlers themselves since along with Formula One drivers, they probably have one of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

Although I do wish the comedy quotient would be upped a little. And the WWE should really hire some acting coaches.

Ali Choudhury // 10:13 AM


The Blade movies

The opening scene in 1 is excellent, one I never get tired of. The rest of the movie doesn't live up to it though. And the bit about Blade's mother just seemed bizarre and out of place.

2 is a great action flick and whod've thunk Luke Goss from Bros would make a decent villain? The interaction with Ron Perlman, especially when he and Blade first meet is deligghtful too.

I've heard the third one will bring the movies to a close and will involve the vampires "outing" Blade as something akin to a terrorist and make him have to deal with humans tryingto kill him as well as blood-suckers.

Best line from the movies :

Some motherfuckers just like ice-skating uphill.

Ali Choudhury // 10:04 AM


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