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Monday, July 01, 2002:

Originally posted by Locdog07
To me, one of the greatest things about Shenmue 2 was going through all that action and then on the final disc getting to just walk around with Shenhua (sp?) in that beautiful landscape just talking...

It was just very relaxing and contrasted perfectly with the almost non-stop action portion of the game. Plus it explained why the heck the game was called Shenmue.

Plus, Ryo should just ditch Nozomi/Shenhua and take Joy.

I'm sorry but Lishao Tao is definitely the hottest woman in the game.

Although the Jeet Kune Do girl is a close second.

Joy looks like someone who doesn't bathe and is pretty skanky-looking.

I'd have to say that Shenmue 2 ranks among the Greatest Games I've ever played.

It's better than MGS 1 & 2 (I didn't think I'd be writing that anytime soon) and on a par with SF2 Turbo and FF7 with my Favourite Game Of All Time.

The graphics are incredible, particularly Wai Chin and Guilin.

No other game has had me in as much awe as to the quality of graphics.

The gameplay is excellent and the game world the best I've ever experienced. It is totally real.

The score is fantastic too, the best I have ever listened to.

The only negatives I can think of is that in a couple of places, you fight a boss and then have to do some QTE's to win the fight. If you fail these, you have to kill the boss again (although that isn't too hard). That's annoying.

Plus I wish there was a way you could replay the QTE sequences so you could sit back and enjoy them. In particular the QTE when Ryo fights off a bunch of thugs to rescue Zhang.

Shenmue 2 is much better than No. 1. The control system is much more intuitive and the game is less repetitive. You don't need to spend half your life training either. Also I felt like nuking the Harbour and Yanamose since you have to go back and forth so many times. Besides Master Chen, there isn't anyone else with any brains in the game and the final boss loks like a lobotomised chimp.

Before I would wait for Final Fantasy games. But the formula is beginning to pall. Young, reckless/taciturn man (with a slightly mysterious past) goes on a quest which develops into a struggle to save the world/universe/space-time from a being who is similar in background to the hero but gone evil/crazy. + Chocobos and Ifrit/Shiva/Siren/Quetzocatl etc.

Shenmue 2 is a lot more involving and much more varied with no annoying random battles either.

The characters are great too. Ryo isn't Solid Snake-cool, but damn he's got the makings of a great game hero. I can't wait to get to Lan Di and deliver him an allmighty ass-whipping. Tiger Swallow style my ass.

I can't wait for the next one.

To be honest, I was wondering which console to buy. I played this on my cousin's Dreamcast and would have bought the console just for this game. It is that good.

However since it's coming on XBox, I'll be buying that now. i just hope they keep the Japanese dialogue and don't replace them with American voice actors.

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