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Thursday, June 13, 2002:

Nice article by the always excellent Simon Kuper.

Kuper article

Ali Choudhury // 6:25 PM


As a new GALLUP poll shows 4 out of 5 Americans willing to give up some freedom for more security

Drudge Report

Well that is understandable although Ben Franklin said something about those willing to barter their
freedom for security deserve neither.

Ali Choudhury // 5:58 PM


World Cup Watch

You know if Mexico had wanted to go for the win, I figure they would have skewered Italy.

They were much more organised and cohesive and their captain and goalkeeper were highly impressive in defence.

The lack of mental strength that Italy have is shocking. Their defence went to pieces against Croatia and they were
panicking against Mexico today.

That abysmal corner kick which was shot forty yards away from goal demonstrated this. Del Piero may serve as their
talisman like Baggio did in '94 since Totti has been a complete disappointment.

However I don't think they can be seen as favourites since they're going to get nothing but tougher games from here on
in and the rest of the teams are not going to fear them, especially with that abysmal midfield.

Frankly if the USA (or even South Korea) face them, I wouldn't be surprised if Italy are knocked out.

They haven't at all shown the concentration, drive and self-belief which characterise championship-winning teams.

Ali Choudhury // 5:55 PM


Sunday, June 09, 2002:

Saw Mike Moore of the WTO on TV today. Was very good and did well against the gang of global envirofools, creatures
of the left and other idiotarians. You could sometimes see his frustration at the WTO and the West being dumped on
for all the trouble in the world when issues such as property rights, rule of law, responsible government and infrastructure
need dealing with alongside ending subsidies and scrapping tariffs. Pity Hertz, Klein, Monbiot etc. seem incapable of
understanding this. Frankly the anti-globalisation stance is based on naivete or wilful stupidity. Plus there seems to be
blatant incomprehension that free markets and industrial science come up with the resources we require and make them
cheaper and more affordable for all. We're not going to be eating ourselves people.

Soylent Green was simply bad science fiction.

I find it kind of suspsicious that everyone dumps on the US for steel and farm subsidies (cough, Nick Denton, cough)
without getting heated up about the CAP.

Anyhoo, Moore did well against this Indian lady who even seemed to deny the good effects of the Green Revolution,
mouthed some slogans and twittered on about "Northern" corporations doing this, that and the other. At times I felt,
Moore should get up, give the lady a Stone Cold Stunner, give a two-fingered salute to the Friends of the Earth and
douse himself in beer while some heavy metal played.

One more thing. Jonathan Dimbleby seems to shrink in his seat when asking questions. Doesn't appear to have the
ease and authority that brother David has. Plus seems rather a tool of the left with his blithe assumption that global
corporations were fucking the Earth and smiling all the time.

Ali Choudhury // 7:15 PM


World Cup Watch

Turkey were sloppy and paid the price against Costa Rica. CR may just pull out a surprise against Brazil.
After all who could have predicted that Norway would beat Brazil in '98?

Meanwhile Japan put on a very impressive performance against Russia. They're like Energizer bunnies that team.
Although I think the reason they appointed the Harry Potterish-looking Troussier is because he looks like a
nattier version of Arsene Wenger. Would like to see Nakamoto make an impact in the Premiership next season,
although Man U will reclaim their position at the top of the Premiership food chain.

What this World Cup has demonstrated is the strength of motivated teams (Costa Rica, Ireland, USA) vs
countries whose stars look fatigued and unmotivated (Portugal and Holland). This could also very well be England's
year although I myself thought 2006 would be their year.

Ali Choudhury // 6:59 PM


Good parody songs

Star Wars Gangsta Rap

Me Like Hockey by Angry Worms

Listening to Leg Of Time by the brilliant Bill Bailey right now.

Currently downloading Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead.

Ali Choudhury // 6:47 PM


Woman fatally shoots her disabled sons at Spalding County care facility, police say

The Associated Press

A woman shot her two disabled sons at a rehabilitation center where they had been living, then waited in the lobby for police to arrive, authorities said. Both men died early Sunday.

Carol Carr, 63, whose last known address was in Hampton, is charged with two counts of murder and could face additional charges, said Griffin police spokesman Sgt. James Landham.

She allegedly shot both men in their room at SunBridge Care and Rehabilitation on Saturday night, then walked to the lobby, sat down on a sofa and waited to be arrested, Landham said. He would not discuss possible motives for the killings.

Police identified the sons as Michael Randy Scott, 42, and Andy Byron Scott, 41.

The men had lived there since January, suffering from a long-term degenerative disease, said Chuck Brown, administrator of the center. He declined to specify what type of disease they had.

Grief counselors and chaplains were brought in Sunday to console the other residents and staff at the facility.

"It's an isolated incident," Brown said. "Everybody's very upset, though, and anxious."

He said Carr typically visited her sons several times a week but never gave any indication that she might harm them.

This lady will probably get off on a mental charge.

Ali Choudhury // 6:46 PM


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